Embracing INSPIRATION

    What I Learned From Traveling Alone In My Twenties

    San Francisco

    Imagine this:

    →A 20something sitting 15 feet above ground
    →A chilly 50 degrees out
    →Wind blowing in my hair
    →My eyes glued shut not out of fear (okay, maybe a little out of fear), but because the strength of the wind was so strong
    →Holding on for dear life in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge


    This was the moment I realized traveling alone was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    Okay, so that was dramatic. But it was oddly life-changing, and I am so happy to of had that moment! But the reason I landed at this moment was not necessarily so fantastic and great. The reason I landed at this moment is because I am a twenty-something in a funk. A twenty-something that preaches weekly to her readers on her blog about overcoming their #quarterlifecrisis, but all of the sudden struggling to take my own advice. A twenty-something that has come such a long way, but feeling a bit defeated. A twenty-something, that needed a change.

    So, after countless sleepless nights, long solo car rides filled with tears and also lots of Taylor Swift karaoke, and dragged out days of me wondering, “will this ever get easier?” I decided to do something COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. I decided to be a traveling twenty-something, in one of the busiest cities, alone.

    Holy sh*t guys, Kelsey Takes San Francisco.. SOLO. And this is what I learned:

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    Twenty-Something Tuesday

    Out of Failure, Opportunity is Born || Twenty-Something Tuesday

    Everything happens for a reason

    Everything happens for a reason.

    It is one of those old tales you hear, but often have trouble understanding and believing until it happens to YOU.

    Trust me, I’VE BEEN THERE. In your twenties, the trials, tribulations and roller coaster type situations you are put in will absolutely throw you off course AT LEAST a million times. Okay.. I’m exaggerating, but kind of serious. And the important thing to note here is that, your plan will not always go as you see it. The best part about this? IT ALWAYS WORKS OUT EXACTLY HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO. I’ve preached this in countless blogs in the past, but today I am so excited to have another 20something tell you her story.

    Friends, you can get through this. You can get through the hard times and the disappointment and the failed expectations. You can do all of that by staying true to yourself, staying positive and staying in your lane. We all have different paths in life, own yours like a badass. And go wherever it may lead you.

    XOXO, Kelsey

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    Twenty-Something Tuesday

    20 Things I Wish I Had Known In My 20s || Twenty-Something Tuesday

    twenty something things I learned in my 20s

    We are only about a month into my new series Twenty-Something Tuesday, and I have already learned an incredible amount from my fellow twenty-somethings that have experienced similar, but also completely different, struggles this decade. This week, I am extra excited. This week, we get a whole different perspective. My thirty-something contributor, Crissy, is sharing her wisdom to defeat the #QuarterLifeCrisis. It is so intriguing to get this advice from someone who has already experienced and lived this decade, and I know my 20something readers will love it as much as I did!

    Hope you enjoy, friends <3


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    Twenty-Something Tuesday

    Finding Easy Ways To Show Your Style In Your First Home, Even If You Don’t Own It || Twenty-Something Tuesday

    Home Improvement

    The ultimate 20something dream and true mark of hashtag INDEPENDENCE: Moving out into your own apartment or house, all by yourself with your hard-earned twenty-something money.

    I seriously have been imagining this day for a while now, and may or may not already have all my future decorations and color schemes picked out. I blame Home Goods & Pinterest!!

    However, moving out is a BIG STEP. And with the plethora of added bills and responsibilities, comes a time in your life where you may need to get a little more creative.

    Today on Twenty-Something Tuesday, I am so excited to have Jennifer from NJS Design Company featured and sharing her wisdom on how to make your first house a home, even if you don’t own it!

    It’s like HGTV on Embracing Twenties today, and I am L-O-V-I-N-G it! Hope you guys enjoy <3

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