Embracing INSPIRATION

    4 Tips To Help You Turn Procrastination Into Productivity

    How to turn procrastination into productivity

    I think it’s safe to say, procrastination happens to ALL of us. Adulting just happens to include a never ending list of things “To-Do”, and honestly.. A long list wouldn’t be THAT bad if a lack of sleep and higher stress levels weren’t also included.

    So, although it would be much easier to get cozy in your bed, wine glass in hand, and Netflix ON, avoiding your responsibilities can actually make things worse so like.. Don’t do that, K? *says the Queen of Procrastination*

    And I know what you are thinking — Why in the heck are we listening to the “Queen of Procrastination” to help us NOT procrastinate?! Which is a very valid and logical question, might I add. And the reason is super simple:

    I have literally been FORCED to ditch my procrastination ways (Welcome to Quarter VS. Semester College!), and as a result I’ve reaped the benefits of staying on top of my lists, so I want to share them with YOU. If anyone knows the stress and struggles being a #TwentySomething can bring, it. is. me. So today, I am here to help you say bye to the long lists and HELLO to a badass new you who conquers their responsibilities like it’s NOBODY’S business.

    Ya ready? Let’s get into it! (Like now, don’t put off reading this.. Procrastination 101!)

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    Embracing INSPIRATION

    How Accurate is my Astrology Reading As A Woman In My 20s || It’s LEO Season

    Birthday Astrology Leo

    Well guys, it’s officially OFFICIAL.

    Today, I turn twenty-seven years old which now means.. I am closer to be a 30something than a new 20something.

    Okay, OKAY.. I *officially* was last year when I turned twenty-six but it’s taken me a year to come to terms with it, ya know?

    If there was one thing that hasn’t changed, it is how freaking fast time flies as you get into your twenties and above. I heard it all the time when I was younger || “Don’t be in such a rush to grow up, it will go by fast!” || I always despised when people said that to me because they were able to drive, eat ice cream anytime they wanted and watch TV past “bedtime.” My 10 year old self was always like.. LIARS!! But now, I get it. I really, really get it. Being thrown into #adulting as a twenty-something is a whirlwind in itself, and I often think back to the simpler times and wished I had embraced those moments a little bit more. However, even though it has DEFINITELY not been easy, my twenties have been a crucial part of becoming the person I am today, and I am so thankful for my struggles. If it wasn’t for all of my hard times, I would not have found my passion in life. Rock bottom was truly the foundation for the rest of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    So, in hopes to distract myself from the scary thought of how fast life moves, and also to get my new AND old readers the chance of getting to know me a little better, I decided to get an official astrology reading done in honor of my birthday, and will be seeing how spot on (or off), it is!

    Without further ado, welcome to Leo Season!

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    Embracing INSPIRATION

    The Importance of Exercise As A Twenty-Something From A Girl Who Hates Working Out

    Reasons to exercise in your 20s

    First of all, I know what you’re thinking: Who is this girl preaching to us about working out when she hates it so much?!

    I know, I know. Such a hypocrite. But hear me out: It is totally possible to have a love/hate relationship with something in life, and I am the perfect example of this idea as I am living through it.. CURRENTLY.

    But before I get my Dr. Nike hat on to explain why we all need to be getting our sweat on, I thought I would give you a little backstory on me and my fitness journey so I can prove how relatable and basic I really am *insert dancing emoji*.

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    Twenty-Something Tuesday

    How To Create Your Healthcare Dream Team + Become The CEO of Your Health || Twenty-Something Tuesday

    How to create your healthcare dream team

    Nothing screams #ADULTING like getting thrown off your parents health insurance at age twenty-six and sent into the world of *deep breaths, deep breaths* .. HEALTH CARE. If being a 20something wasn’t hard enough, let’s just throw important insurance information and big healthcare bills into the mix to make life a little more interesting, eh?

    Lucky for us, my guest blogger absolutely KILLS it in this post about how to overcome your fears as you step into the unknown (aka all things healthcare), and gives a complete guide to become the CEO of your health. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Hope you guys enjoy as much as I did, && HAPPY #TwentySomethingTuesday

    XOXO, Kelsey


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