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Embracing HOLIDAYS

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    A Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day PART 2

    Single girl's guide to Valentine's Day


    That’s right people, love is in the air. I mean I guess?? I am not receiving any of that love air because I am single but regardless.. it’s Valentine’s Day weekend. Can’t really escape this Hallmark-crazed holiday #AMIRIGHT?!

    I am here to tell you to stop throwing yourself a pity party over the fact you are single during the month of love, because.. PLOT TWIST.. It’s not that bad! Last year, I was the bitter, single #twentysomething lonely and miserable on February 14th. It was horrible! This year, I did a little self-reflecting and realized the importance self-love has on your outlook of life, and realized my lack of self-love was the reason I felt so bad last year. I was given the amazing chance to be featured on The Millennial Miss — Side note: Still fan-girling over my feature, and had so much fun writing it! — I wrote about my journey as a single twenty-something on the craziest love day of the year, and how being single on Vday was not in fact a curse, but actually a blessing. Go check it out, [hopefully] enjoy it, then come back here for PART 2 of my Single Girl’s Guide to Vday!!

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    Embracing the Holidays [Single Person Edition]


    We all know the question, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?”

    You know what’s even more of a prevalent and well-known saying us twenty-somethings have to answer over and over and OVER during the holidays? “So.. Do you have a new romantic relationship in your life?”

    *quickly downs large glass of Pinot Grigio*

    If it wasn’t bad enough that we have to spend the cuddle season alone and miss out on one more Christmas present, we now have to be reminded of our non-existent love life, and attempt to explain to the 400 relatives why we have yet to settle down.

    It’s like, I get it. I get that at twenty-six years old, the majority of people around me are in serious relationships and continuing to go through the milestones with their baes (I actually despise that word and can’t believe I am keeping it in the final draft of this blog post). I also get that I’m alone. And not because I Netflix & ChillByMyself every night, but because I am constantly asked WHY I am single.

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    Embracing HOLIDAYS

    How To: Embrace the Holidays and not StressMas


    *cue the music*

    “It’s the most wonderful time, of the yearrrrrrrrrr”

    And then keep repeating this great lyric while you’re standing in hour long lines at the mall, fighting with people over the new iPhone and looking for the perfect present for your pickiest family member. Oh and don’t forget to stop off at the grocery store on your way home (this will be another 2+ hours) so you can pick up all that food you will have to cook, at the party you are in charge of hosting at your humble abode this year. Ya know, your home which is hasn’t been cleaned since last Christmas? #StressMas

    Is this the holidays or World War 3??

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    Embracing HOLIDAYS

    Embracing Holiday Gift Guides [For a Twenty-Something]


    Welcome to my twenty-something inspired HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2015 <3

    It is officially after Thanksgiving, which also means IT’S OFFICIALLY SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE TO TALK ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS!!!!

    But let’s be real.. I’ve been playing the N*Sync Holiday Pandora station for months now.. Also.. #NoShame.

    I’m a Christmas L-O-V-E-R. I love the colder weather, family time, gift exchanging, and traditions!

    I feel like it would be wise to note as I am writing this, I am burning a Vanilla Snowflake candle from Bath and Body Works, and Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe is blasting from my laptop.

    You guys.. It’s the real deal.

    Excited for the holidays but stuck on what to get your twenty-something for this holiday season? Look no further. I am #twentysomething-friendly – Plus I give great #twentysomething perspective – I am pretty much like a Twenty-Something expert *wink*

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