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    How To: Be a Productive, Twenty-Something Planner


    Not even a week into the New Year, and I’ve already broken a few of my resolutions.. WHO AM I?!

    How about that #twentysomething life — AKA, struggle bus 101.

    Okay yes so I haven’t mastered the art of being a morning person yet, and I am still working on being positive EACH day, but I have a whole year to complete these resolutions.. Right??

    Don’t give up on me just yet, there is one resolution I can proudly say I’ve stayed on track with and thoroughly enjoy — Planning. This all comes under the umbrella of working on staying organized, and planning out my weeks was top on the list. If you read my previous blogs (go read them guys, they’re mostly good), you will know I’m a visual person. I NEED to write things out or I will forget to do them. I also feel super productive and inspired when I see the things I need to do written out, and even more productive and inspired when I complete them!

    So, today, I am bringing you into my twenty-something friendly (basically means all items are cheap but good), way of planning! I am all about a good schedule and theme, so I have decided each Friday will be my “planning” day, as well as when my new blog posts will be uploaded. Basically.. Friday’s are my DRINK LOTS OF COFFEE IN THE MORNING AND A PRETTY GOOD AMOUNT OF WINE AT NIGHT days since I’ll now have lots to do ;).

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    Embracing GIVEAWAYS

    Embracing GIVEAWAYS!!


    Embracing GIVEAWAYS!!
    Because let’s be real, us broke #twentysomethings love free stuff, right?!
    *To enter to win* — Comment below stating [1] thing that you have learned as a twenty-something!

    *Rules* — Must be 21 or over as alcohol is included in this giveaway.

    *Can ship anywhere in the United States

    **Can be any age over twenty-something, as long as you list something that you learned while you were living as a twenty-something :)
    ….And for the best part, THE PRIZES! A Twenty-Something Survival Kit which includes:

    •A $25 Visa Gift Card #embracingbills //

    •A bottle of Cupcake Pinot Grigio #embracingwinealways //

    •A journal to write down daily gratitudes #embracingpositivity //

    •A couple books related to self-help and confidence boosters, both of which I treasure and often re-read when I am struggling #embracingconfidence //

    •Origins “Quarter-Life Crisis” Face Serum #embracingskincare //

    •A coffee mug (to-go) as well as my personal favorite Keurig Starbucks Pods: Vanilla Flavor #embracingcaffeine //

    •The storage box shown in picture IS INCLUDED :)
    **This is a THANK YOU to all of my supporters and readers, I truly would not be able to fuel this passion of mine with out all of you! Be sure to like this picture and subscribe to my blog for future giveaways and #embracingtwentysomething blogs :)
    **You can also enter by going to my Blog Instagram page and entering through there :) // @embracingtwentysomething

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