About Me!

A twenty-something girl, err, women that has it all together.

A quick English lesson – The above statement would absolutely be considered an oxymoron, and THAT’S OKAY! Since this is an ‘About Me’, I will be completely honest and vulnerable, I, (for real this time), am a twenty-something who has struggled tremendously in my twenties, but am now learning to embrace this intimidating, yet exciting, decade of life.

This last year I found myself using the term ‘quarter-life crisis’ a lot. Here I am, 24 years old, and complaining about a having a quarter-life crisis. Good-freaking-lord, this is not how it is suppose to be! Friends and family thought I was crazy for thinking like this. I got a lot of “you are still so young” or, “You know you are crazy right? 25 is a great year.” After taking it all in, thoroughly enjoying my 25th birthday celebration, and thinking about the big picture, I finally found ways to start #embracingtwentysomething.

So, this blog is geared for all of my twenty-somethings in similar situations! Instead of looking at the glass half empty, I started looking at things with the (wine) glass half full. So, I invite you all to come on this journey with me – I have found ways to embrace this decade we are living in, and want to share them all with you. I hope I can inspire those that feel like they are living in a quarter-life crisis, as well as hear about how you all have embraced twenty-something!

5 Facts ‘About Me’. Because I am soooo interesting (said No One Ever) 😉

1. I discovered my passion after going through a rough break up. I went through a horrible break-up almost two years ago. Like one of those can’t eat, sleep all day, cry all night kind of breakups. *insert thumbs down emoji*. I started going to see a counselor weekly when I was having a hard time getting through it, and I was so lucky to find someone who changed it all for me. At that moment, when I realized how much my counselor has helped me become happy again, was when I realized I wanted to do the same for those that are struggling. So, I enrolled back in school, I am transferring to a 4-year in Fall, and will be getting my BA & Master’s in Psychology. When you find your passion in life, everything seems to just fall in place. So, ex-boyfriend, THANK YOU!

2. I love Disneyland. I still get starstruck by the characters & princesses, and really feel the vibe of it being the happiest place on earth when I enter the park. Of course I always rock the Minnie Ears and enjoy the old school rides. I mean I go full out Disney fangirl. Also, I am twenty-five, just in case you forgot while reading this fact about me.

3. Dr. Phil is my all-time guilty pleasure. You guys. I am OBSESSED. It all started when I was home one day and his show came on. At the time I was like, *eye roll*, there is NOTHING on TV. However, he started off his show with a line that totally captivated and related to what I was going through. He said, “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.” Here I am, on the couch, and yelling at my TV as if Dr. Phil can hear me, “SO TRUE!! YES! SO TRUE!!” Ever since that day, I have watched every-single-show.

4. Quotes & song lyrics are the most powerful to me when going through a hard time. Like, for real. I always talk about how Taylor Swift’s album “Red” got me through my break up. Also, yes I am a die-hard Swift fan. A Swifty. (Side note) – I can’t believe I just called myself a Swifty. Also, quotes are my thing. Pinterest, aka website full of everything and is impossible to get off of, is where I go when I am in need for some inspiration. They have a quotes category so, I am basically in word heaven when I scroll through that page. Favorite Quote (as of now, because it changes…daily): “Something very beautiful happens to people when their world has fallen apart; a humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges just at the point when our knees hit the floor.” -Marianne Williamson // I have a category on my main page named “Embracing Daily Inspiration.” (I love this embracing word, can you tell?) – Every time I post a new blog, I will update my favorite inspirational quotes :)

5- My family & friend are everything to me. I think after reading my blog posts, this one is very apparent. If I named everything that I love about them, as well as everything they have done for me, I would need to purchase another blog host site. Which, unfortunately, I can’t afford because I am a twenty-something (Am I right or am I right, my fellow broke peers).

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    I also love Dr. Phil- P.S. retract my previous question- I see you are a psych major- I love Psych, too :)

    May 16, 2016 at 9:56 am
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