5 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

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Friends. It’s me. That one twenty-something writer girl that loves Cupcake Pinot Grigio and also that writer girl that disappeared for a little while.
I’m back. And I come bearing CHANGES. I’m currently sitting in my chic San Francisco apartment (yeah.. I’m freaking out too…), with my pumpkin cupcake candle and writing in my journal. Okay, so not EVERYTHING has changed, but enough has that I’m officially out of my comfort zone.
And while I want to dedicate my first post back to my big move to the city, I like to keep things real on this page. And there is nothing more real than the emotions and waves that happen behind-the-scenes in someone’s life.. so here we are: writing about this funk I have been in all summer, really up until I moved to the city by the bay.
And it took me a little while to figure out why. There was nothing significant that had happened to me that would have caused me to feel so consistently.. sad. And it wasn’t the kind of sad where I was stuck in bed all day, sleeping long hours just wishing the hours in the day would be cut in half and each day would fly by. But instead, it was the kind of sad that wasn’t as familiar to me. The kind of sad where I just felt.. blah. I was still able to go out with friends, and family, and genuinely have a good time. But at the end of the day I was mentally exhausted. I craved even more alone time than usual. And I sometimes even cried myself to sleep at night, even though nothing that day had triggered it.
I was in a funk. A twenty-something stress induced funk. And it was absolutely exhausting. And confusing, because I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of it for months. Looking back, I realize I was not able to pull myself out of this funk solely for the reason I was not motivated to. That would require energy, and that was just one thing I did not have.
But things are different now. I’ve gone through some big life changes that have forced me to re-evaluate my life and reflect back on what I could do the next time I find myself on the sadder side. And I wanted to share these tips with you guys too because, well because I know how difficult being a twenty-something could be. And to be honest, we have so much ass-kicking to do this decade there is just not enough time to be stuck in a funk. #amiright ?!
So, without further ado, here are 4 ways to get out of a funk.

Dig Deep

Ugh. Mental work. I KNOW. It’s definitely not what you will want to be doing in these moments of sadness, but I feel like getting to the root of it as soon as possible is always best. Was there a reason for this bout of funk? Is there something you can change in your current state that will make it better? Or even, just acknowledging that there really wasn’t anything specific that triggered this can be helpful too. So, get to the bottom of it, then go up from there.

Change Something

This doesn’t have to be something dramatic like moving to a brand new city (haha, hi!), but changing your current routine, whether it be a big or small change, can help you climb out of that funk-hole you’re stuck in. Maybe try out a new workout class a few times a week, join a book club, or schedule a happy hour at a new restaurant with your best friend! Do something that will get you out of bed and that is something you genuinely want to do. Getting excited about something can help the process move a little quicker, and having it be something slightly out of your comfort zone can be even better!

Talk it Out

With a therapist, with a friend, with a family member, or with a comforting stranger. Sometimes, just being vulnerable and venting can relieve the stress that has been built up inside of you. It may just be a short-term fix, but it’s one that can make you feel a whole lot better. And if you are like me and feel as if complaining to your bestie about.. well, nothing specific.. is sometimes pointless; it’s not. Because chances are, your bestie has had the same, funky feelings too.

Read + Write

There are some moments in your life where physical words can fail you, and in those moments, there is nothing more liberating than putting your words onto paper. I know for some, writing in a journal can seem like a pointless task. But, as I’ve learned, in real life AND in school, writing in a journal can be extremely beneficial. Try it out once or twice! Put all the words you want to say out loud but haven’t been able to into a notebook, and see how you feel after. For me, I feel a sense of relief. Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and onto my cute spiral notebook from Target.

The Future is Bright

Sometimes being stuck in a funk can be the result of not seeing a way out. Maybe you are feeling bored in your current life routine. Maybe you are stuck in a job that you know isn’t contributing to a better future for yourself. Or maybe you just feel lost and see everyone around you moving on in their life, and you are feeling like you may be doing something wrong or counterproductive. Whatever it may be, there is a solution. And the solution is unique to you, and may very likely be different from someone else. A couple years ago when I was at my lowest after a breakup, I had the overwhelming feeling of being.. stuck. I was at a job that I knew I wouldn’t be at for the rest of my life, and because I had put my education on hold a couple years prior, I felt lost and like I would never move on from the current situation. In that moment, I decided to think about my future and what would be best for me. In the future, I saw myself living in my own apartment, going to work every morning happy because I landed my dream job, and even farther in the future, thinking about settling down with a husband and having a family of our own. After evaluating where I was in life and what I wanted, I decided going back to school would be the best option. And it was. I was more motivated than ever, and it gave me a reason to work hard because I knew I was working for the future I had always dreamt about.

This decade is designed to be hard. Some of us are finishing our last day of school, ever. Some of us are forced into the work field. Some of us are leaving our parents house for the first time. And some of us are feeling pressured to get married and have babies, just like the people next to us in the high school yearbook.
But with the hardships, this decade also brings new beginnings. And these beginnings can often bring us to the best days of our lives. So, let’s do this together.
Together, we can motivate ourselves to get out of the funk. We can think about how many opportunities are awaiting us in the future, and instead of spending our days feeling down, we can spend them working for the future we have all dreamt about.
It won’t be easy. But, it will be worth it.
Keep on keeping on,
XOXO, Kelsey
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