Twenty-Something Tuesday

    Finding Easy Ways To Show Your Style In Your First Home, Even If You Don’t Own It || Twenty-Something Tuesday

    Home Improvement

    The ultimate 20something dream and true mark of hashtag INDEPENDENCE: Moving out into your own apartment or house, all by yourself with your hard-earned twenty-something money.

    I seriously have been imagining this day for a while now, and may or may not already have all my future decorations and color schemes picked out. I blame Home Goods & Pinterest!!

    However, moving out is a BIG STEP. And with the plethora of added bills and responsibilities, comes a time in your life where you may need to get a little more creative.

    Today on Twenty-Something Tuesday, I am so excited to have Jennifer from NJS Design Company featured and sharing her wisdom on how to make your first house a home, even if you don’t own it!

    It’s like HGTV on Embracing Twenties today, and I am L-O-V-I-N-G it! Hope you guys enjoy <3

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    Twenty-Something Tuesday

    3 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Life After College || Twenty-Something Tuesday

    3 mistakes to avoid when planning your life after college

    Today on Twenty-Something Tuesday, fellow millennial, Rachel, tells her journey of #adulting that I know will resonate with many 20somethings out there! The tragic story of feeling like you need to settle in your career because the pressures of society is too much.

    PLOT TWIST: Settling is NOT your only option. Even more so, it’s not a good option. When you follow your heart and forget about what you are meant to believe is right or wrong, you will find everything else will start falling in place.

    Here is Rachel’s advice for the 3 MISTAKES to avoid when planning for your future. Take notes, friends!!


    When I was in the middle of getting my degree, I felt like I had my life completely together. I mean, here I was, a physics major, being told that around every corner I would find success because I must be “so smart to be getting a degree in physics.” It’s easy to see how I got a big head. Now I’m in the middle of a graduate degree that I’m not even sure I want, waking up with dread when I remember what I have to do when I get into the lab. While the path forward isn’t so clear right now, the path I took to get here and the mistakes that led me down it are pretty clear. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when planning your life after college:

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    Embracing INSPIRATION

    6 Reasons Why Your Mom Is Your Best Friend In Your 20s


    As twenty-somethings, we have accumulated a lot of “moments” thus far in life.

    Life defining moments.
    Heart break moments.
    Coming to terms moments.
    Confused moments.
    Sad moments.
    Celebratory moments.
    Life changing moments.

    All of these moments have essentially shaped us into who we are today, but when thinking back on these moments, I’ve noticed there is always a common denominator with each and every one.

    A backbone of these moments, if you will. The heart of the moments, the shoulder to cry on during the moments, the biggest cheerleader all the way through these moments.

    The one element that truly makes these life-defining moments possible and meaningful: My mom.

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